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Mission Statement
To provide instant internet exposure for missing persons of any age, race or religion, worldwide. With our main objective of becoming a household name so that perpetrators will think twice before acting. They'll know we're here waiting and their movements will be limited.


United States Amber Alert Systems


Alabama Bureau of Investigation
Alabama Amber Alert Plan

Alaska Lt. Brandon Anderson
Alaska State Troopers
(907) 269-5511
Alaska Amber Alert Plan

Arizona Art Brooks
Arizona Broadcasters Association
(602) 252-4833
Arizona Amber Alert Plan

Arkansas Cpl. Donnie Belew
Arkansas State Police
(501) 618-8803
Arkansas Amber Alert Plan

California Lt. L.D. Maples
California Highway Patrol
(916) 227-6388 or (916) 657-8287
California Amber Alert Plan

Colorado Kristina Koellner
Colorado Bureau of Investigation
Colorado Amber Alert Plan

Connecticut State Police
(860) 685-8032
Connecticut Amber Alert Plan

Delaware State Police
(302) 834-2620 x234

District of Columbia
Metropolitan Police Department
Public Amber Alert Contacts
(202) 526-6737

Florida Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Missing Children Information Clearinghouse
Florida Amber Alert Plan

Georgia Bureau of Investigation
(404) 244-2550
Georgia Amber Alert Plan

Hawaii Hawaii Missing Children’s Clearinghouse
Department of the Attorney General
(808) 586-1449

Idaho Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security
(208) 334-3460

Illinois State Police
Illinois Amber Alert Plan

Indiana Indiana State Police
(317) 232-8248
Indiana Amber Alert Plan

Iowa State Patrol Communications
7700 Beaver Road
Johnston, IA 50131
(515) 323-4360
Iowa Amber Alert Plan site

Kansas Attorney General's Office
(785) 296-2215
Kansas Amber Alert Plan

Kentucky State Police
(502) 695-6208

Public Amber Alert Contacts
Louisiana Louisiana State Police
(225) 925-6325
Louisiana Amber Alert Plan

Maine Association of Broadcasters

Maine State Police
(207) 623-7294

Maryland Maryland Center for Missing Children
Maryland Amber Alert Plan

Massachusetts State Police
470 Worcester Rd
Framingham, MA 01701
(508) 820-2121
Massachusetts Amber Alert Plan

Michigan State Police
(517) 333-4017
Michigan Amber Alert Plan

Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
(651) 793-1106
Minnesota Amber Alert Plan

Mississippi Highway Patrol
(601) 987-1390
Mississippi Amber Alert Plan


Missouri Department of Public Safety
(573) 751- 4905
Missouri Amber Alert Plan

Montana Montana Missing
Person Clearinghouse
(406) 444-2800
Montana Amber Alert Plan

Nebraska State Patrol
(402) 471-4545
Nebraska Amber Alert Plan

(775) 750-5987
Nevada Amber Alert Plan

New Hampshire State Police
(603) 271-2663

New Jersey State Police
(609) 882-2000, x2894
New Jersey Amber Alert Plan

New Mexico
(505) 939-6830
New Mexico Amber Alert Plan

New York New York State Police
(518) 457-8678
New York Amber Alert Plan

North Carolina Center for Missing Persons
(919) 733-3914

North Dakota State Patrol
(701) 328-2455
North Dakota Amber Alert Plan

Ohio Missing Children Clearinghouse
State of Ohio Attorney General’s Office
Ohio Amber Alert Plan

Office of Governor Brad Henry
(405) 521-2342

Oregon State Police
(503) 378-3725 ext. 4103

Pennsylvania State Police
(717) 783-0960
Pennsylvania Amber Alert Plan

Rhode Island Office of Lieutenant
Office of Attorney General Patrick Lynch
(401) 274-4400

Rhode Island State Police
(401) 444-1000
Rhode Island Amber Alert Plan

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED)
(803) 896-7962
South Carolina Amber Alert Plan

South Dakota 
South Dakota Amber Alert Plan

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation 
State Clearinghouse for Missing Children
(615) 744-4000
Tennessee Amber Alert Plan

Texas Department of Public Safety
(512) 424-2208
Texas Amber Alert Plan

Utah Office of the Attorney General
(801) 538-9600
Utah Amber Alert Plan

Vermont State Police Headquarters
(802) 244-8727
Vermont Amber Alert Plan

Virginia State Police
(804) 674-2023
Virginia Amber Alert Plan

Washington State Patrol
(360) 753-5299

West Virginia West Virginia State PoliceWest Virginia Amber Alert Plan

Wisconsin Department of Justice 
Division of Criminal Investigation
(608) 266-1671
Wisconsin Amber Alert Plan

Wyoming Office of the Attorney General Division of Criminal Investigation
(307) 777-7537
Wyoming Amber Alert Plan