Free Flyers

If you take a moment and click this link, missing people, you’ll notice that many of the images on that page are flyers from this website. These flyers have been circulating around the internet for years. Why? Because they work, they grasp attention with a clean layout and print perfectly on standard ditto paper.

How do you use them, and why would you use them when this site can make them for you?
Many times people do not supply us with the necessary information for us to pursue the case. An example would be the family isn’t working with law enforcement and therefore can’t supply us with a station’s/officer’s phone numbers. In this case the family or friends will want to use their own contact information on the flyers. We will not make flyers with personal contact info only.

With this being said you’re free to use these blanks and add your own information. You’ll need to use the art program that came with your operating system or 3rd party software that you may have or can find online. The free missing person flyers are very simple to edit with any program.

Add text, a photo, some contact information and start spreading them around your networks.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.