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When Someone You Love Is Missing - will provide anyone instant web exposure to help you find them. 
Providing services based on need and does not discriminate due to race, religion, age, sex or handicap. 
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Someone Is Missing - Worldwide

Mission Statement
To provide instant internet exposure for missing persons of any age, race or religion, worldwide. With our main objective of becoming a household name so that perpetrators will think twice before acting. They'll know we're here waiting and their movements will be limited.


Frequently Asked Questions


We hope to add to this page as we build -

Why do you only take cases that have police reports filed?

There are cases that we don't need police reports for -

  • show us a credible media source online that has it anytime, anywhere, any year, and we'll help you
  • your listed as a Red Cross contact for missing people during the past hurricanes
  • breaking news cases

Why the necessity of the police report and not because I need your help as you claim?

Some people don't want to be found. It's not against the law to disappear for whatever reason a person sees fit. We're not out to find spouses that ran off with someone else. 

We're out to find those in emergency need, past known efforts that still need help, and every law enforcement department that thinks an old case would benefit from our services. If you still think you can fit in our criteria, always feel free to ask.


Do you prioritize or show special interest to some cases more than others?

This question can be answered fairly simple and honestly. Yes, we prioritize. Emergency, current happenings, kidnapping, abductions, and anything else that comes in new takes precedence to everything existing. You would want it that way if it we're your case. Emergencies always go to the front.

Other than an emergencies, the amount of material and work done on a person relies only on the amount of information we receive from the family. Also, the consistency of updates, different materials warranting different pages, and over all family attention will guide the exposure rate.

If a family relentlessly is sending us updates and more information, their content is going to grow, more people will be interested and the audience has no choice but to expand.

If a family sends us a picture and details to make a flyer, and that's all we have, that will be all we can do. We can't make a practice of finding information ourselves. It would be impossible with our potential volume of cases.


Why do I have to be "qualified"?

This is simple, you qualify if you can prove your working with the police on a disappearance of your loved one. If they feel as though the case is need of their time, then we'll feel the same way. We're not out to judge cases, as far as I know, nobody here is qualified.

We'll expose a case on our site when a team of people more qualified are ready, or already have exposed the case to the public.


Do you accept sponsorships?

YES, click here, and also please buy sponsorship spots, tshirts, or our ebook if you would like to support us.

In this country one thing that isn't going away is crime and misery. The information about it becomes the hottest topic of the day. People want information, and as much as they can get. 

This website will become one of the greatest concepts America has seen in years that's geared towards helping people. The site gives away like candy when you come in the door, a very expensive internet commodity. 

Bandwidth, the capacity for data transfer of an electronic communications system. It's pad for, in advance, and am giving it away to help those that need it. 

That person could possibly be you one day.

How can I ensure that my story gets to as many people as possible?

That would amount to us making guarantees. That is not the case of ours. We will have the content there, and also set up for search engine placement. We can not promise any kind of exposure other than the fact that it will be online when someone goes to view it.

Even this has limits beyond our control, but if you send it to us, we're going to publish it.

The family utilizing the press will bring viewers. We'll do our best setting the pages up for good search engine placement, it is part of our service, but the amount of traffic can't be determined nor guaranteed by anyone.


What makes your service different from any other?

Not sure what all the other service offer. We offer unlimited time, space, bandwidth, attention, and the shirt off our back if you think it will help bring your loved one home. But we still can't help you if the police or media won't acknowledge your case.


Are you implying that if I don't use your site, I won't find the person that is missing?

Absolutely not. Were implying that this great nation of ours now has a resource that's entirely free if you need help trying to find who's missing.

What we offer is another route to take while searching for your loved one. We're offering very valuable internet space and bandwidth for your information. We'll do the best we can to display it nicely. 

We, nor anyone can determine final outcomes. But, we sure provide an awful lot of resources to help you along the way.


What do you mean by "will be considered"?

If you feel as though you have a true and credible case for us, send us the information and if it's not taken by the police for investigation or planned exposure on the media, we'll consider giving you a page for display. 

One page, taken down immediately if notified in any way that this person does not want to be found. In speculation for future reference, we will take 1:100 cases that do not have a police report and give them attention. That's 99 cases out of 100 shown to us without a police investigation will not make it on the site.

Hurricane survivors may not be included in this.


Should I document anything?

From us, you can, it will be right in front of you online. From the police and your own personal standpoint, document everything during your experience to go over later each day. Some of this your going to want to send us, and always remember the more you send us, and the better the quality, the more efficiently we can help you.


How do I go about getting a web address?

As soon as we know we're taking your case, we'll provide one to you. Within minutes that address will be live online.


How can you provide this service free of charge?

I purchased enough room online for over 2500 websites. To answer your question, if I used it for hosting accounts I would have to deal with billing and complaints if the server went down for a 5 minute reboot.

Giving it away, along with time, efforts, tools and abilities should come with minimum complaints and probably overwhelming appreciation. I'd rather have the latter so I'll give it away free of charge. Don't foresee many complaints doing it that way.


Once the web page is running, who updates the information on it?

We do, with the information you send us. We put as much information online as you can get to us. There is no limit. The amount of content we put online is 100% relative to the amount of content the family sends us. Simply put, we do not spend any time researching anything pertaining to your case outside the legitimacy of it.


Is there any way you can pass information along to the media when the site is up and running?

Not to be insensitive, but throughout the site, this is the responsibility  and a suggestive measure for the affected family. Under our suggestion, relentless requests to keep it on tv and in the press is essential to your search. With or without our assistance.


I live in Europe and heard about your site, can you help me too?

Yes. With restrictions and only in emergency or currently happening situations. We can't take past cases at this time.

We will not deny you of one page with a distinctive web address to use for your media exposure. One page can be very long at times, that's not a problem if most of it is details in test. The problem does lie within the text. It has to be in English, sorry. We'll have to be able to know what it means. It may not make sense to you, but it does to us.

What do I do if the person is found?

Notify us immediate for removal of content and free transfer of domain name if it was purchased.

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